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A unique opportunity for pet-related businesses to collaborate and promote each other while providing added value to their customers. Whether you're a pet-friendly restaurant, a pet trainer, a rescue group, or a pet supply store, we believe that together we can create a stronger network of pet-related businesses that can better serve the needs of pet owners everywhere.


PetBae is a community based platform that links pet owners to experienced vetted individuals that can take care of their pets in a home-based and roam-free environment.

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With our partnership program, we're committed to providing our partners with a win-win solution that will help to increase visibility, search engine rankings, and customer satisfaction. By joining forces, we can create a strong network of pet-related businesses that provide the best possible services and products to pet owners everywhere.


Doggie Adventures In Dubai

Founder of Doggie Adventures In Dubai, Yvonne Senden has been lucky to have been able to visit the UAE regularly since she was 5 years old. In 2015 she decided to move to Dubai with her dog Boefje who was rescued in The Netherlands a few years before. From the start she took Boefje with her on her days off to restaurants or road trips like she used to do in Europe. This led to a lot of questions from other dog owners who had no idea that there were dog friendly places here!

This was the start of Doggie Adventures In Dubai, the first social media page with videos of dog friendly restaurants (indoor & licensed as well), parks, beaches, activities, staycations and events!

In 2018 she posted her first weekly video of Boefje her adventures and received a lot of positive feedback from the start. Yvonne is very happy to see The UAE become more dog friendly every day. However, there is still a big difference between being really dog friendly or allowing dogs. So there is still a lot to do for Yvonne and Boefje Doggie Adventures In Dubai will always do it`s very best to support the dog friendly community as much as possible to make sure it really becomes dog friendly. To find all dog friendly places in the UAE, you can visit their website

Rory`s Apawthecary

Rory`s Apawthecary is an all-natural dog care brand that was born out of the idea that pet parents would choose what is best for their fur children just as they would choose what`s best for themselves and the rest of their human family.
We work with nature to responsibly make safe, plant-derived products that are more effective in helping and healing dogs emotionally and physically. All our products are vet approved, completely natural, contain no toxins, and our grooming range are PH balanced specifically for dogs` skin and coat.
More than just another dog care brand, we also pride ourselves as being a kind company. We are continuously leading the industry with our eco-conscious ethos and impacts in spreading kindness to you, your pet, and to Earth.

LDC Kitchen + Coffee

"LDC Kitchen + Coffee is a Pet friendly casual dining venue that is UAE home-grown and home-made. With a commitment to creating an inclusive space with an upscale menu, the café promises it is where “everyone has a seat at the table”. By offering guests warm service, quality ingredients, impressive value for money and a passion for craft that is unparalleled in today`s mainstream, LDC takes great pride in elevating specialty coffee alongside a diverse selection of familiar food favorites for those who savor excellence. Working with LDC Catering is a partnership in good taste". Make sure to visit this delicious spot and take your furry friends with you!

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