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14 September 2023



Positive Pet Sitting Experience with PetBae

When it comes to pet sitting, proper preparation is key to ensuring a stress-free experience for both your pet and the pet sitter. At, we understand the importance of a smooth transition and strive to make your pet's time with our pet sitters as comfortable as possible. In this blog post, we'll guide you through essential steps to prepare your pet for pet sitting, whether it's pet sitting, pet boarding, pet daycare, drop-in visits, or dog walking. By following these tips, you'll set the stage for a positive and enjoyable pet sitting experience for your beloved companion.



Provide Detailed Instructions:

Communication is key in ensuring your pet's needs are met during their time with the pet sitter. Provide clear and detailed instructions regarding your pet's feeding schedule, exercise routine, medication administration (if applicable), and any specific habits or preferences your pet has. Inform the pet sitter about any quirks or behaviors they should be aware of.


Share Important Medical Information:

If your pet has any medical conditions or allergies, it's vital to share this information with the pet sitter. Provide the necessary medications, specific dietary requirements, and any instructions for handling emergency situations. Make sure the pet sitter is aware of your veterinarian's contact information in case of any health-related concerns that may arise.


Maintain Your Pet's Routine:

Pets thrive on routine, and maintaining their regular schedule is essential for their well-being. Inform the pet sitter about your pet's usual routine, including meal times, exercise periods, and rest hours. By following their established routine, the pet sitter can help your pet feel comfortable and at ease during their stay.


Pack Essential Supplies:

Before your pet's stay with the pet sitter, ensure you pack all the necessary supplies. This may include their regular food, treats, toys, bedding, leash, collar, litter, or any other items specific to your pet's needs. Providing familiar belongings will create a sense of comfort and familiarity, reducing any anxiety or stress your pet may experience during the transition.


Keep Emergency Contacts Handy:

In case of any unforeseen circumstances or emergencies, it's crucial to have emergency contacts readily available. Provide the pet sitter with your contact information, as well as the contact details of a trusted neighbor, friend, or family member who can assist if needed. This ensures that communication lines are open, and immediate action can be taken if required.


Relax and Trust the Process:

Once you've adequately prepared your pet and provided all the necessary information, it's time to relax and trust the pet sitting process. Remember that you have chosen a professional pet sitter through, who is experienced in caring for pets and understands their needs. Have confidence that your pet will be in good hands and enjoy their time with the pet sitter.



Preparing your pet for pet sitting with is a crucial step in ensuring a positive experience for both your pet and the pet sitter. By introducing your pet to the sitter, providing detailed instructions, sharing important medical information, maintaining their routine, packing essential supplies, and keeping emergency contacts handy, you set the stage for a smooth and enjoyable pet sitting experience. 

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